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Host a Senior Web Party!

Save money for yourself and your friends while having fun.

How does it work?

You host the party in your home, invite your friends and their parents. I will present my work, my photo books and answer any questions. Your guest will be given a information folder to take home and they have 14 days to decide for you to receive credit. The party takes about one hour, it is easy and it is very fun!

The Party Host

10% off any Senior photo package for each guest that books a session. For example, if 5 guest sign up then you get 50% off the total price of your session and if 10 sign up you get your photo package for free!

For The Guest

Each of your guests receives 10% off their chosen package plus 16 printed wallets or one composite image added to their package!

Call Betsy at 614-571-1022 to book your party!